Investment policy

Vives´ strategy is to invest in young high-tech companies. The founders of these companies provide unique solutions to market demands due to their « breakthrough » technologies.

The Vives team remains closely involved throughout each company’s development, from its creation and investment through to its day-to-day management.

To access the Vives Fund, potential contractors and researchers must ensure that their project meets the following criteria:

Main investment criteria

1. Type of projects:

  • high technology sectors in the broad sense of the term ( + emphasis on « eco-innovation »)
  • high technology company based on the intellectual property or the know-how of UCL and its partners
  • high technology company that has a collaborative or a strategic link with UCL and its partners
  • company whose registered office is located within 250km of Louvain-la-Neuve

2. Business model demonstrating the company’s economic relevance

3.Significant market potential

4.Multidisciplinary and experienced team

5.Shareholders who have contributed , in the long term to the development plan of the company.
Vives will invest in a syndicate with other investors within the framework of a financing round. Vives may take the role of lead investor and coordinate all of the operations on behalf of the syndicated investors. The cumulative amount per line of investment cannot exceed € 4m.

6.Substantial added-value potential with an average investment period of seven years, with exit prospects via trade, sale or initial stock exchange listing.