In 1957 mankind sent the first object to Space in its goal to reach further. In the last 60 years the amount of man-made objects sent into Space has grown exponentially. However, most of these objects were designed to be:

  • Static : Without propulsive capability remaining in Space 25 years or longer
  • Rigid : Designed for a single fixed mission application
  • Non-Servicable : Unable to be recovered, repaired or refuelled

This approach has led to a continuous accumulation of objects in space with no purpose but to cause a threat.

The NewSpace Era

In the next decade the amount of satellites to be launched is due to increase ten-fold. LMO wants to ensure that this growth remains sustainable and safe by providing the right innovation to make satellites:

In order to do this it is developing the necessary subsystems & components in the fields of Propulsion and Space Situational Awareness