SmartNodes is a provider of innovative control modules for dynamic outdoor lighting: "Light where and when you want, at the right level".

Maximum energy savings are achieved without reducing the visual comfort and safety of road users.

Our roads and trails are lit even when nobody is present and this is a huge waste of energy. The new lighting mode developed by SmartNodes solves this paradox through the activation of light bubbles that follow users leaving the rest of the road / path in the dark. These are created by activating specific lamps around a user. Depending on whether it is a pedestrian, a bicycle or a vehicle, several parameters are adapted: lighting power, lighting zone, symmetry ... In addition, the system is designed to move with the user without noticing that the light varies outside his field of vision. This effect is made possible by the placement on each luminaire of a SmartNodes device which is equipped with sensors, means of communication and a microcomputer. Through their continuous communication, the devices can determine if a user is present and its characteristics. They can then coordinate to implement the light bubble around him.