Spinovit, a UCLouvain spin-off, is developing a method for the quantitative analysis of an oxygen-sensitive blood biomarker to measure endothelial dysfunction and prevent cardiovascular risks.

Cardiovascular diseases remain the primary cause of mortality in the world and have a major socio-economic impact. Today, only an assessment of the risk factors (overweight, smoking, hypertension, cholesterolemia, diabetes and aging) are used to “guess” the real state of the patient, denying the importance of the corrective factors (sport, sleeping, walking, meditation, healthy diet, lifestyle) that could decrease his actual risk. The medical community requests a better tool to measure and monitor the real risk of a patient in order to help him to personalize the treatment.

Our SPINOVIT solution consists in a newly developed and patented syringe, a hands-off secured shipment and a patented measurement of our biomarker by an innovative technology (electronic paramagnetic resonance spectroscopy) setup in our laboratory.