ViroVet is a pioneering company dedicated to the development of innovative and disruptive technologies for the control of viral diseases in livestock. It develops antiviral drugs for complex respiratory diseases and innovative vaccines against viral infections in pigs. The livestock industry is an industry of more than 100 billion euros. Viral diseases cause billions of losses every year to producers and threaten the global supply of animal protein.

ViroVet's strategy is to provide innovative solutions for use alone or in combination with vaccines and biosecurity measures to provide breeders, national governments and international organizations with an arsenal of weapons to effectively fight endemic and epizootic diseases. .

It is clear that as the world population grows, there is increased demand for protein-rich diets. With the increasing density of the livestock sector, the intensification of global trade and climate change, the risk of spreading viral diseases worldwide, which is seriously affecting the livestock industry, continues to grow.

ViroVet has already engaged a number of opinion leaders (KOL) in the field of livestock medicine, confirming the large market for antiviral medicines and new vaccines to cope with the spread of viral diseases. The KOL believe that ViroVet's products have the potential to reduce antibiotic use and revolutionize the livestock sector around the world.